An Open Letter to All Americans Eligible for Medicare Benefits

Dear Medicare Recipient,

Before you consider a Medicare Advantage Plan, I want to give you an insider’s perspective of how it may affect you and your family on the deepest level.  I’m not talking about saving a few bucks here or there, I’m talking about your health, longevity and your life itself.  

Did you know that if you are considering a Medicare Advantage plan rather than traditional Medicare, you may not only be exposing yourself to administrative hassles and headaches, but you could possibly be dooming yourself unnecessarily to many years of suffering or even signing your own death warrant?    

Hello, my name is Brandon Todd.   I have been a Patient Advocate and one of the most accomplished Medicare Specialized Insurance Agents in the United States for over 17 years.   Right now, my companies educate millions and assist over 40,000 American’s on increasing their access to our nation’s healthcare system regardless of the costs involved.   Never in my career have I seen so much confusion and misinformation in our healthcare system causing so much unnecessary suffering and death for so many people.  I feel you deserve to know the truth so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.   

What I’m about to tell you may one day prove to be the most valuable information you have ever received.    This information could be the matter of whether or not you live or you die, whether you live well or suffer.   It could mean watching your grandchildren or even great grandchildren grow into adults rather than dying young and them never getting the chance to know you or the things you want to teach them.    It could mean the difference between enjoying your golden years and rotting away in a nursing home needlessly.  

I’m about to tell you something that nobody else ever will.   It is something that all the “experts” get paid not to examine and that large corporations and politicians keep hidden through misinformation, confusion, segmentation of information and outright denial.     

What I’m talking about are commonplace occurrences that we see every day which affect the lives of every single American.   I’m talking about two very common tragedies perpetrated on Americans everyday through America’s political and healthcare system.   

I call these tragic occurrences “Administrative Torture” and “Administrative Murder.”

Administrative Torture:  A Byproduct of Bureaucracy

Administrative Torture is simply when a person is denied (or simply never gets the chance to receive) the healthcare that they could have received from willing providers had they themselves or the provider not been tied down by needless overregulation and bureaucracy.  These pains are almost always inflicted directly from either politicians, health insurance companies or a combination of both (often because they are working together.)    

Administrative Torture happens every day when a needy person cannot see the doctor who can ease their suffering or heal their illnesses for days, weeks or even months because she had to reduce her patient load only to keep up with needless administrative nuisances required of her to run her practice.     

Administrative Torture happens when a patient is suffering and cannot get the care they would otherwise, or that care is delayed, simply because their insurance company has a bureaucratic process of approval that the providers struggle to navigate.  

Administrative Torture occurs when patients are restricted from choosing the best provider possible for a chronic illness and settle for less experienced or less effective care simply because they are forced “in network” by their insurance company.  

Sometimes the delays or denials of treatment cause temporary pain, frustration and suffering.  Other times the patients suffer permanent consequences that could have otherwise been avoided.  Unfortunately, the needless suffering caused by mountains of excessive regulation, bureaucracy and greed has become the rule more than it is the exception in America’s corrupt healthcare system.

Administrative Torture is real, its costs are real and the human suffering is real.   However, your chances of suffering personally from Administrative torture can be greatly reduced with the right advance planning.  

Medicare Advantage Plans are highly bureaucratic and restrictive.  Avoiding these plans and staying on traditional Medicare Part A and B (regardless of whether or not you buy supplemental insurance) can greatly reduce the burdens placed on you and your doctor and give you the freedom to find the best healthcare available possible.  Avoiding Medicare Advantage plans greatly increase your chances of avoiding Administrative Torture and free you up to receive the best healthcare you can possibly find.  

Administrative Murder:  An Unspoken Plague

Even worse than the magnanimous amount of suffering caused by Administrative Torture in our healthcare system is the fact that so many unknown quantities of mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, and husbands and wives die unnecessarily in our country every day.   It often happens unnoticed right under our nose.  We are blinded from the realization of the roles these administrative obstacles played in the passing of our loved ones and are seldom if ever told that there was a better way, there was a cure, there could have been help available.    Administrative Murder is the result of lowered possibilities, knowledge and awareness brought on by senseless meddling in the relationships between healthcare workers and their patients by greedy or even well-meaning outsiders.  

Administrative Murder happens when someone’s mother is diagnosed with cancer and the regulations of her insurance policy prevent her from getting cutting edge treatment because the facility is “out of network.”   Instead, she is forced to a hospital that “also treats Cancer” and who statistically have far fewer survivors than the more specialized facility.    Due to the restrictions in the insurance policy that she chose years ago, she now dies unnecessarily at an age way younger than was necessary, leaving her lasting dreams undone and her loved ones with only memories.  

Administrative Murder happens when a premier Cardiologist has to limit the number of patients that he sees in order to meet bureaucratic requirements imposed on him or when he is forced to accept private payment only due to wanting to focus on patients rather than bureaucracy.   In either case, these adjustments to excessive administrative burden exclude patients from his service and force them to accept less qualified care wherever they can find it.  Statistically, this lowered level of care results in more deaths than is necessary at too early of an age.  

Administrative Murder happens thousands of times per day in America.  In fact, though it will never be listed as an official cause of death, most people over age 65 have known or loved someone who has been a victim of Administrative Murder.  Even so, very few are aware that their loved one passed away needlessly, a victim of a system that generously rewards those at the top who make way too many rules and are even rewarded for inefficiency.   

Sadly, America’s healthcare system is so confusing, complicated and segmented that nobody actually holds any responsibility for the results that actually occur.  This is never more true than in the case of Administrative Murder.   In fact, most times such tragedies are not even recognized.    Instead, we are all lost in an emotional abyss of sorrow, loss and a haze of confusion and powerlessness.  We are all left disempowered to the point where all we know to do is “hope for the best”   when it comes to the health of ourselves and our loved ones.  

In the end, many who could have lived are no longer with us, leaving us behind with only grief and despair, not even knowing that it was unnecessary.   

The Truth Will Set You Free

Many people have warned me about speaking out about the unnamed evils in our healthcare and insurance system.   I have been scorned in the industry when speaking these uncomfortable truths.   I have been told the battle is too big, the influence and power is so big that I will never win and should never even fight them.   Some have even said I will get a reputation for being “negative” and run people away.

Yet my 17 years of experience tells me that people prefer the hard truth over superfluous fluff.   That when faced with a possible life or death decision, as you may be today, you would prefer to know it as such rather than be distracted by minimized notions of small co-payments here or a few dollars and cents in premium there.    

I tell you these things because I want you to avoid the traps that are laid out in front of you.    The truth is plain:  

  • The Politicians don’t care and will never know if you suffer and die needlessly due to their actions*
  • The Insurance companies are not in business to maximize your access to healthcare.  Your healthcare is considered “claims losses” to them*    
  • …and the only thing worse than a Politician or a Greedy Insurance Company is when these two groups work together.    This has never been more evident than with the Medicare Advantage Program.  

*To be fair, neither politicians nor insurance companies “want” bad things to happen to you.  In truth, they may actually be trying to help.  However, they are mostly unaware that the complexities of “the system” make fixing it while working within it all but impossible.  Instead, they simply add to the confusion.   Consequently, all of their actions have mixed results, some are good and some are catastrophic.    I’ll let you guess which ones they quantify and put in their reports.

Why have you been paying into Medicare all these years?

The bottom line is that the choice of health insurance that you make determines the type of treatment you will receive when the time comes that you need treatment.  Often, making the wrong choices now could mean the difference later between health and suffering or even between life and death.   Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan unnecessarily exposes you and your doctor to unnecessary restrictions as well as torturous and even deadly bureaucracy.                                                                   

When you look back on all the tax dollars that you paid over your lifetime so that you would have good health insurance during your golden years, why would you throw away your freedom to choose your own healthcare?  Why would you do gamble with your health and well-being now when the odds of you needing quality healthcare are the highest they’ve ever been?  This is exactly what people do when they choose a Medicare Advantage Plan.  

On the contrary, traditional Medicare and Medigap Insurance have no network restrictions and have mature, commonly accepted and automated claims filing processes.   Choosing to remain on traditional Medicare with a Medicare Supplement plan will allow you complete freedom.  You can choose any doctor, hospital or specialty treatment center in the United States that accepts Medicare without pre-approval or restriction.   You and your doctor can decide how you will be treated, not your insurance company.

My Hope for You

We all know that none of us are immune to aging.   Health problems are inevitable and will come to us all at some point.   It is my hope that you will fight your illnesses when they come, that you will seek out and receive the best care and never have to worry about the costs involved.   In doing so, you maximize your odds of living the highest quality and length of life possible and seeing all your dreams come to fruition in your golden years.    This is why I do what I do, to make sure that you will have the most freedom and least hassles when that those problems do come.  

My hope for you is that you be empowered and in control of your health and your future.  I want you to commit that you will never be a victim.   I want you to live your life as freely as possible- to create scenarios for yourself that empower rather than restrict you,  My hope is that you eat right, exercise, have healthy relationships and do all that is necessary to not only add years to your life, but also to add life to your years.  

To Your Health,

Brandon Todd

P.S.  Remember, health insurance is not a “health plan.” Insurance is simply a financial tool to spread risk for the costs of medical treatment.    Eat right, exercise and don’t restrict your options for help when it’s needed.    

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Brandon Todd is a Patient Advocate, a Licensed Insurance Agent and a Passionate Entrepreneur with a passion for creating unique and abundant win-win relationships.

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