Medicare Supplemental Plan D

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan D covers most of the high risk areas not covered by Medicare Insurance. A Medicare Supplemental Plan D can sometimes be less expensive than other more comprehensive plans such as Medigap Plan J or Medigap Plan F but leaves gaps in coverages that these other plans don’t.

Medicare Insurance Recipients who choose Medicare Supplemental Plan D often do so because they don’t feel they need coverage for the Part B Deductible, Preventative Care and Part B Excess Charges and wish to save money on their premium by taking lesser coverage. Before purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan D, make sure to compare rates on more comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plans such as Medigap Plan F or J. Often by shopping different Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies you can find a more comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan for at lower rates.

Covered by Medicare Supplemental Plan D

Basic Benefits:

* Part B Coinsurance (Generally 20% of outpatient expenses)
* Hospital Coinsurance
* 365 Additional Days Hospitilization Coverage
* Blood Deductible Coverage

Skilled Nursing Coinsurance

Part A Deductible

Foreign Travel

Not Covered by Medicare Supplement Plan D

  • Part B Deductible

  • Part B Excess

Medigap Plan D is only recommended on very rare occasions. For most people, you are better off with a more comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan such as Medicare Supplemental PlanF or J.


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