Medicare Supplemental Plan A

Medicare Supplement Plan A is required to be offered by all Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies who wish to offer Medicare supplemental insurance to cover what Medicare Insurance doesn’t cover.

Though Medicare Supplemental Plan A covers less than all other standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, those on a budget or those who are covered by Medicare Insurance due to a disability find it to often be a good option.

Medicare Plan A covers only the Basic Benefits portion of standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

Before purchasing a plan A, be sure to compare rates on Medicare Supplement Plans J and F to see if these more comprehensive Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans will work better for you.

Covered by Medicare Supplement Plan A

Basic Benefits:

* Part B Coinsurance (Generally 20% of outpatient expenses)
* Hospital Coinsurance
* 365 Additional Days Hospitilization Coverage
* Blood Deductible Coverage

Not Covered by Medicare Supplemental Plan A

Skilled Nursing Coinsurance

Part A Deductible

Part B Deductible

Part B Excess

Foreign Travel

Most Medicare Insurance recipients find it in their best interest to find more comprehensive Medicare Supplemental coverage than that offered by Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan A. However, for many people who are on Medicare Insurance due to a disability, those under age 65, this may be one of their only options as many Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies don’t offer any of the other plans to people on disabilities.

Others who find Standardized Medigap Plan A suitable are those who only wish to cover their most important expenses and wish to take on some risk themselves.

To find compare multiple Medigap Insurance Companies Rates on Plan A and many other Plans, simply fill out the form to the right or call today to speak with a Licensed Medicare Supplemental Insurance Specialist today at (888) 875-4463.


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